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I'm simply a mom {constantly} in the kitchen, feeding my husband and kids some homemade, delicious, easy, healthy{ish} meals. 


In the heart of a small town, Ashley found her passion for crafting delicious and wholesome meals, treats, and dry goods. As the owner of Eten en Voeden, Ashley’s culinary journey began with a family challenge that transformed into a thriving food blog and line of delectable, shelf-stable products.


Ashley’s commitment to simplicity and quality ingredients didn't stop at her own kitchen. She ventured into the world of food blogging, sharing her recipes with others. She guides her audience through the process of each recipe with love and enthusiasm. “Being able to share that fulfills me. It fills my cup,” she beamed. And, Eten en Voeden isn’t just about Ashley; it’s a family endeavor. In her videos, her children are often seen with fingers in everything and spills galore, showcasing the reality of cooking with little ones. This sentimental journey mirrors Ashley’s own childhood, where her mom and grandmas allowed her creative freedom in the kitchen.

As demands for Ashley’s recipes and creations grew, people began asking if they could purchase her products. With the support of her family, she transitioned from a home cook to a licensed kitchen, creating a line of dry goods. From spice and dips to breads and brownies, Ashley’s offerings were an instant hit both locally and online.

Eten en Voeden isn’t just a business for Ashley; it’s a way to bring the joy of homemade goods back into people’s lives. “I really wanted to develop something where people feel like they can easily make homemade meals for their families. It’s easy. It’s delicious. It’s full of things that are simple and good for you. No coloring. No preservatives. None of the chemical crap, which is so hard to find,” she passionately stated.

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