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Dutch Letter Dutch Baby

All the flavors of the beloved Dutch Letter in a soft, billowy, pancake-like treat.

Whenever I go to our local bakeries I tend to skip the dutch letters and go straight for the almond banket. It's all the flavors only more filling, which is my favorite part. Thinking of those filling flavors is what got me to this Dutch Baby.

Give this one a try... start your day with a taste of Holland. It won't disappoint.

Keys for making a Dutch Letter Dutch Baby

  • Use a cast iron pan. 12" works great.

  • Lean towards baking longer. It may look too brown, but once it deflates and settles, it won't be.

  • Take an extra step with adding fresh fruit (cherries would be amazing), or a scoop of ice cream for an evening dessert



Try this Dutch Letter Dutch Baby and leave a rating below. Simply click on the stars just below the recipe title.

Snap a photo and tag #etenenvoeden on your Facebook or Instagram stories. I love seeing what you create in your kitchens!

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