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Homemade Ranch Dressing

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Homemade ranch is one of the most versatile staples I keep in the fridge. It's creamy, has a touch a tang with the lemon, and because you make it yourself, seasonings adjustments can be made based on what you're using it for... wings, nuggets, dressings. It's better than anything bought at the store.

Bonus? You can make it in minutes... or as I explain to my 4 year old... in the amount of time it takes the chicken nuggets to cool down, the ranch is ready!

First things first. You can start with store-bought mayo, or you can make your own {recipe below}. It only takes a couple minutes.

Then you use this homemade mayo to make the homemade ranch.

It's really simple. I toss all the ingredients into a pint mason jar and use my immersion blender to do the job. Ball jars also have screw on lids so you don't have to transfer to another container for storage. Easy peasy.

There are a lot of reasons to make homemade ranch and mayo, but mostly it's because I know what I'm feeding my family. Store-bought options are full of preservatives, sugars, and additives. The recipe is easy to make, uses ingredients I always have, and tastes better than anything store-bought.

Win win.



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