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Homemade Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Who doesn’t enjoy a homemade ice cream sandwich? This one has hints of winter flavors paired with your favorite vanilla ice cream. It’s amazing how fast a picky toddler will finish their dinner knowing this treat is waiting for them on the other side.

How to make a Homemade Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Start with a chewy cookie. This homemade cookie ice cream sandwich is made with my Molasses Oatmeal Cookies. They are packed with flavor and make the perfect consistency for an ice cream sandwich cookie. They don’t snap or buckle when biting into the frozen dessert. Make sure to freeze them before assembling!

I made the homemade ice cream with a premixed ice cream mix. It tastes like Jersey Freeze, a local favorite ice cream shop. It’s a kitchen shortcut, and one that tastes better than anything I’ve tried to make from scratch.

After I take the soft serve ice cream out of the machine, I let it freeze for a good 3-4 hours to harden up before trying to make the sandwich. You don’t want this fully hardened, maybe half to three quarters of the way there.

Lay out your frozen cookies right side down, and use a large cookie scoop to scoop the ice cream. Once you place the second cookie, you can roll the ice cream immediately in sprinkles, crushed candies, or chocolate chips. This is optional, but makes a fun addition for kids and adults alike.


Give these a try and tag #etenenvoeden or #eatandfeed. Better yet, take picture and tag me in a story or post! I love seeing what you guys make!


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