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Chicken & Pecan Salad Sandwich

Creamy chicken salad mixed with crunchy pecans and sweet grapes on a fresh oversized croissant makes for an easy and delightful lunch. The recipe uses a shortcut [canned chicken], because we all need moments in the kitchen that save time.


Regarding the chicken, I use a shortcut. There’s nothing worse than rubbery chicken when it’s cold and this shortcut eliminates the cooking, shredding, and cooling the chicken. I don’t use canned meat for anything… except this because it’s worth it.

Costco has them in packages of 6, and one can makes for a single batch for the Chicken and Pecan Salad recipe below.

You can use store-bought mayo or my homemade mayo recipe {click here}. Add an acid of your choice. I prefer fresh lemon juice. It gives the chicken salad a freshness and tanginess.

The dressing is very quick and can be made in minutes. I think the chicken salad is better if it sits for a few hours or even overnight, however eating it immediately is perfectly tasty.

Cut up some fresh grapes or you can use dried cranberries, apples, or raisins. Whatever you have on hand.

For texture I love pecans and celery in this salad, but you can also use walnuts or sesame seeds. If you don’t have these on hand, don’t let it stop you from making this chicken salad!

There’s something about fresh chicken salad and croissants going hand in hand, but use whatever bread you like… or even eat it straight or on a salad.

Give this Chicken and Pecan Salad Sandwich recipe a try and leave me a review below. Simply click on the stars in the recipe.

If you're looking for the how-to video, check out my Instagram reel for this recipe.


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